Playing Store

My very first store.

This photo is an all time favorite.   My very first pop up shop–a pet store, complete with a classic sock monkey, a giant pink poodle and a carnival prize bunny!  I gathered up my well-loved collection of “velveteen rabbit” stuffed animals.  I pushed two mismatched chairs together and set up my animals on display.  I posted a homemade sign and wore my favorite red gingham dress and salt water sandals.  I sat and waited for customers (mom, dad, and big sister)  who walked by and were shopping for a new pet.  I made some sales, collected a few dollar bills and then closed up shop for the day.  I’m quite sure all the animals went to their forever home in my room at nighttime.  And, then back to the shop in the morning for another day…

A very big thank you for letting me continue to “play store.”  I look forward to sharing some of my inspirations, from favorite finds to foods and fashion, to places and people and all sorts of wonder.  Welcome to the world of PRIZE.